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Commercial Roofing in Tampa


Commercial Roofing TampaTo us, good roof repair is all about being available when you need us the most, doing great work, and being respectful of your business. Our team takes pride in being able to provide commercial customers with immediate service support. Whatever the size, scope or budget of your project, our goal for every repair job is to find the source of the problem and fix it using a durable solution that will deliver long-term results. By working harder to meet our clients’ repair needs, our team has managed to build long-standing relationships with property owners and building managers in the area, which mean the world to us. They trust us to get the job done quickly and correctly each time, and we will do the same for you.
Three Steps for Dealing with a Roof Leak Properly

  1. Be Prepared: Few people really expect to have a leak happen when it does, but nevertheless, it’s good to be prepared ahead of time to deal with a leak whenever it may come up. Develop a Roof Contact Sheet and distribute it to your staff and any others who use the building. Include on this sheet the phone number for your roofing contractor, the type and manufacturer of your roofing system, and any valid warranty numbers that you can find. Also include your facility address and any other information that you want the responding contractor to have. These information sheets should be on hand at the location and, when used correctly, can greatly reduce the response time to a leak, thus minimizing the internal damage it can do.
  2. Be Specific: When calling in to report your roof leak, be as specific as you possibly can while describing the location and nature of the leak (try using words like slow drip, steady pour, waterfall, etc…) This will let your contractor know what to expect and allow him or her to be better prepared when they arrive onsite.
  3. Protect: Just because the rain has subsided or the leak “appears” to have stopped, does not mean that you’re out of the woods. If not properly addressed, a leak can and will recur the next time it rains. It may even be allowing moisture into your structure without obvious signs, causing water damage that may go months without being discovered. As soon as you discover a leak, you should move important electronics, furniture or product out of the way and cover them until your contractor has been able to respond and has informed you that the issue has been completely resolved. Place a bucket or some other container below the area of the leak to prevent water from dripping onto carpets or pooling on smooth floors and creating a slip hazard.


Unfortunately, not all roofing issues can be addressed with simple repairs. There comes a time in every roof’s life when it will need to be completely replaced. When we work on any commercial roofing replacement, we take the time to thoroughly evaluate all critical factors involved. How can we bet maintain occupant safety? How do we avoid any damage to the building? Are there any parking issues that will need to be addressed before beginning the project? Or tenant scheduling issues? We understand that proper planning ensures that our services are provided in the most professional and least intrusive way, which benefits both the building owner and the building’s occupants. Our entire team is committed to using our expertise and experience to deliver exceptional results through a roof replacement process that is a perfect fit for each client’s unique situation.

Replacement Services

  • Complete Tear Off A complete tear off involves removing all parts of your existing roof down to the existing roof deck and then installing a completely new roof assembly, including the insulation and membrane.
  • Partial Tear Off: In accordance with the current building code, no facility may have more than two layers of roofing installed at a time. If your property currently has two roofs installed, it may be possible for us to remove the top roof only and install a new roof system over top of it. Our experienced team will be able to inspect your facility and let you know if this is a possibility.

Recovery: If your facility has only one  roof system in place, it may be an option to simply install a new roof system over top of the existing roof. This will depend on several factors, including the weight bearing capacity of your roof deck and the roofing material you choose. Our personnel are professionally trained and highly knowledgeable in determining the practicality of this option.